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Best pediatric dentistry clinic in Rohini, Delhi

Cheery Smiles Kids Dentistry aspires to be the preferred Pediatric Dental Clinic not just for little ones in Rohini, or north Delhi region, but in Delhi-NCR as a whole. At present we are located in the convenient, calm, residential neighborhood of sector-9 Rohini.

Why are we the best kids dental clinic ?

The doctor herself : Dr. Urvashi Bhushan

Dr. Urvashi Bhushan, BDS and MDS (Pedodontics and Preventive Dentistry) from MAIDS Delhi, is an experienced, compassionate, and skillful practitioner of her discipline. Her academic rigor acts as the catalyst for the clinic to offer best-in-class and latest services in pediatric dentistry. The clinic is her passion project, and she makes it a point to treat every kid with utmost empathy and care.

Warm and inviting ambience of the clinic

Visiting a dentist can be associated with the feeling of dread and apprehension by many. Especially for our young ones, who may have only heard negative things about dental visit, a dental visit could be really stressful. We have taken particular care to ensure that they don't get a feeling of walking in to a clinic; the design and overall décor of the clinic is kids friendly. The walls are painted with the images of their favorite animals, and there are tons of toys, games, and books, and a couple of smart televisions to keep them engaged.

Conveniently located away from hustle and bustle

It is quite easy to reach us; we are ~1 km off Outer Ring Road (one of Delhi's signal-free arteries). If coming from the western parts of Delhi (Janakpuri, Vikaspuri, Paschim Vihar etc.), you just need to take the elevated outer ring road towards Rohini, and exit at Prashant Vihar intersection (a few hundred meters ahead of Madhuban Chowk underpass), from where we are just 5 minutes away.

If coming from the other side of Delhi (East Delhi or North Delhi), you may take the elevated outer ring road towards Mukarba Chowk (bypass area) and take a U-turn from Madhuban Chowk after getting off the flyover, to take the same exit as explained above.

If using the Delhi metro to reach us; the nearest metro station from our location is Rohini East (~1 km).

Equipped with latest technology and advancements

We are constantly updating ourselves with the latest in Pediatric Dentistry. Some of the highlights of clinic are - Happy gas/ Laughing gas facility for anxious kids, ceiling mounted TV for distraction, best of fillings/restorations: Equia Forte (capsule high viscosity Glass Ionomer), Twinky Star, Composites ; Bioceramics.

Magnification loupes for superior dental care. The clinic would soon be having Laser Machine installed for bloodless and painless advanced dentistry.

Hygiene and Sterilisation

We take hygiene and infection control very seriously. We are equipped with the best in class autoclave ( B- Class) that ensures all the instruments are perfectly sterilised. There is a UV chamber for proper storage of sterilised instruments. Water distiller is installed as distilled water is the purest form of water and is the only water that is used in our dental chair and for autoclaving. Clinic SOPs are very clearly defined and the staff is meticulous to ensure proper Biomedical Waste segregation and hygiene of the clinic.

Behaviour Management Expertise

Dealing with a child is very different that adults. Children have lower threshold of pain and feel a lot more anxious and intimidated by dental visits. We empathise with it and what we have created is not just a clinic but its an inviting , warm and friendly space for little ones to and get their oral health needs catered. Behaviour management is done by us using special techniques such as Tell-Show-Do, Pretend Play, Distraction with the help of ceiling mounted TV over dental chair, desensitization... We are equipped with Happy gas/ Laughing gas facility that is very helpful for reducing anxiety of kids and put them at ease during dental treatment. Oral sedation is also offered for precooperative kids.

Exclusive for Infants, Toddlers, Kids and Teenagers

Our center is exclusive for age group of 0-18 years. We love kids and our clinic is the ONLY exclusive Pediatric Dental Clinic in Rohini, Pitampura area. Every inch of the clinic space is dedicated just for the little ones- be it the waiting area ambience, colorful operatory, the toys and books, the dental armamentarium..

Visit us for your child's holistic oral health care and embark with us on a journey of positivity and smiles. :-)

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